Online fire marshal training courses

Online fire marshal training courses

Online fire marshal training courses

Online fire marshal training courses for your marshals and wardens

Our online fire marshal training courses are a quick and also easy way to train fire marshals. Courses are available as single general courses and also as tailored and bespoke websites.  Our tailored and bespoke websites are ideal for fire marshals and also general staff.

General courses are set with four short lessons. The course takes about an hour to complete. If a user fails a session they can reset the lesson until they pass. Tailored and bespoke online fire marshal training courses have six lessons. They include a building’s fire emergency plan and also evacuation plan too.

Why pick online fire marshal training courses?

Online fire training can be a quick and effective way to train new fire marshals if a building is ever short of persons performing this role. This can happen because of staff turnover, but also sickness and annual leave. Sending a person on a classroom course may take a month, but an online can course can be bought and carried out in about an hour.

What is a tailored online fire training website?

A tailored online fire training website can only be viewed by staff from the workplace that purchases the course programmes. A fire marshal course has six lessons. These are maintenance of fire precautions and fire drills, fire extinguishers, hazard spotting, evacuation and accounting, fire emergency plans and also evacuation plans.

These websites can used by any number of staff. Staff can also use the website as many times during the year as they wish.

What is a bespoke online fire training website?

Bespoke online fire training websites include lessons that have been filmed at your workplace and with your staff. We will look and identify any possible risks in a building and any issues that may affect someone escaping from the building. These websites also include all plans in the building.

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