Deputy fire marshals

Deputy fire marshals – Do you have enough to cover the holiday periods?

Deputy fire marshals

Deputy fire marshals? Do you have enough cover?

Do you have enough deputy fire marshals to cover annual leave, sickness and also the holiday periods? Most workplaces have good fire plans and persons who can help get people out if there is a fire. However, not all workplaces have deputy fire marshals, so may have a problem if some fire marshals are not in the work place.

Fire safety law requires all workplaces to have a fire plan. They also need sufficient number of person to put the plan into place if there is a fire.

Our fire marshal training London course is ideal for regular fire marshals and also deputy fire marshals. The persons on the course will learn all they need to carry out their safety role. The course covers fire law, why fire marshals are important, types of fire and also fire extinguishers. In addition, we discuss non-emergency and emergency duties. These include fire emergency plans, hazard spotting and also fire checks. Lastly we look at roll calls, sweep systems, evacuating disabled persons and accounting for people.

How many deputy fire marshal do you need?

Published fire service advice suggests that you will need one fire marshal for every 60 seconds of search area. Therefore a space that takes one person three minutes to check on their own, would need three fire marshals. A manager would then need to decide how many deputies they would need in case of absence. This would be at least two deputies. For example, if one fire marshal is off sick and another is at work but on a lunch break, a workplace would only have one regular marshal present.

Can we help calculate how many marshals you will need?

Yes. We can help you work out how many fire marshals that you need. This will depend on the type of workplace, the number of shifts operating and how often staff turnover. As many workplaces need many fire marshals, it can make sense to have us train a large number in house on one session. You can also consider online fire marshal training, so that you can train fire marshals fast!


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