Care home fire training London

Care home fire training London is essential so staff can put fire plans into place as soon as an alarm home fire training London

Most care home staff know what delayed and progressive horizontal evacuation is. However, they also need to know what stage a fire is, so they can put there plan into place effectively.

When a fire alarm goes off the fire will be in one of these four stages:

False alarm. This is when the alarm has gone off and there is no sign of fire despite a thorough investigation.

A potential fire. This is where there is a smell of smoke or perhaps even light smoke. It may not be obvious where the fire is, so staff will need to take some action.

A developing fire. At this stage the fire may have produced light smoke in a zone or flames may also be visible. This stage is categorised as a fire where firefighting can be undertaken.

A fully developed fire. This means that the area is full of thick smoke or the flames are too big to tackle with a fire extinguisher.

Understanding these stages of a fire together with good fire plans will help staff get people out of danger.

Care home fire training London Рtraining for safe evacuation

Care home fire training London will also include types of evacuation. They are:

Delayed evacuation. This means residents can stay in a room or fire zone as the incident is at least two fire zones from them.

Progressive horizontal evacuation. This is where persons are evacuated from their room or area horizontally across the floor they are on.

Vertical evacuation. This is where persons who cannot evacuate horizontally are bought down stairs to a safer area or eventually for full evacuation.

Full evacuation is where all persons are evacuated from an area or building.

Care home fire training London for your staff

Do your staff need fire training? Our courses are IFSM approved and can be carried out in your care home. Either call or email us for more details.


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