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Staff fire warden training London options

Our staff fire warden training London options are an ideal way to train your team and also individual fire wardens.

So how do you pick what is best for you? If you have a large team to train and also want live fire training for your staff, we have two options. Pick either in house staff fire warden training or off site training at our venue. If you have a large number of persons to train and do not need live fire training select an in house course.

If you have one or two fire wardens to train, pick our open courses. They are just three hours long and also include live fire training.

What ever course you pick, remember that we are an approved fire training centre, so your staff can be sure of great training. Each person will get an fire training certificate and also online notes after the course.

What are a managers legal fire duties for staff fire warden training?

Managers of places of work need to have fire evacuation plans to help get people out of the building in case of fire. They must also have sufficient trained fire wardens to implement the plan at all times.

This means that you may need to appoint more fire wardens than your plan requires!

You will need to appoint fire wardens for out of regular work hours, during regular hours and also for when wardens may be away from their post. Therefore you may need additional fire wardens for sickness, annual holidays, persons working away from their usual place of work (ie meetings) and also for coffee and lunch breaks.

How to book our training courses

Booking staff  fire warden training with us is so easy! Either call us or email us with your preferred training dates and option. Once we have agreed a date, we will ask for some of your details and also ask you to agree our terms. Once we have heard back from you with your details, your training course or places are booked!



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