Care home fire training Essex

Care home fire training Essexcare home fire training

Care home fire training Essex courses

The need for care home fire training was highlighted once again following a care home fire in Hertfordshire

The fire started at about 6 a.m. in the morning, killing two residents. This is usually the end of a night shift , so there would have been fewer staff on duty. Care home fire plans are needed for both the day, evening and also night shifts. During evening and night shifts the risk often increases because of staff numbers.

Persons who work in a care home require frequent care home fire training. Staff should know all care home fire plans, the stages of fire or fire alarm and also understand the different types of evacuation stages. These are delayed, progressive horizontal and full evacuation.

Fire training in care homes should be based on the specific fire plans. These undertaking online care home fire training should also receive a short session about there care home fire plans.

Our care home fire courses

Our courses are accredited by a national fire body. The course was based on previous fire service training developed by us when working for the fire service. Our courses can include live fire training exercises and those tackling small fires on our course will therefore have added confidence when fighting a real fire.

Our course is 2 hour or 3 hour approved training programme and can also include monitored fire drills. All staff undertaking the training get a certificate and online training notes.

Booking care home fire training for your staff is so easy. We can come to your home to carry out the training. Either call us or email us with your preferred training dates. Once we have agreed fire training dates, we ask for your care home details and also that you agree our terms. Once we we have heard from you your course is booked!


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