Staff fire marshal training – So who needs it?

So who does need fire marshal trainingfire marshal training?

Staff fire marshal training

Staff Fire marshal training will be needed for all persons who help put the fire emergency plan into place. The Fire Safety Order requires a workplace to have a fire evacuation plan and also enough trained persons to put the plan into action when needed!

On every course we are asked “So how often do we need to do this training?”. The frequency of fire marshal training will depend on the level of risk in a place of work, so is not a question that has a generic answer.

Fire marshals in workplaces that are high risk will need more frequent staff  fire marshal training, perhaps every year or so or even more often. This will include places such as residential care homes, schools and buildings with a high life risk. Smaller premises with fewer staff may not be high risk so less frequent training will be ok.

What do fire marshals need to be taught?

There a number of different government workplace fire guides. They offer different advice since different types of workplace have different types of risk!

All fire marshals should know the content of their fire emergency plan. They will need to be aware of all fire evacuation plans. There may be a number plans for various times of the day. For example; there will need to be a plan for regular work times and also one for out of regular hours. A building may even need plans for lone workers and also persons who enter the building late at night such as cleaners.

They will need to be taught how to open doors safely and also how to identify which detector may have operated. This could help persons discover the exact location of a fire. Remember most fires will be small in the early stages so the location may not be obvious.

In summary fire marshal need to know:

  • Details of the fire emergency plan
  • Also the different evacuation plans in the building including arrangements for disabled persons
  • Learn how to open doors safely
  • How to identify which detector has operated so the location of the fire can be established

How to book staff fire marshal training

Booking staff fire marshal training with us is so easy! Either call us or email with your preferred dates. We will send a booking email and ask you to agree our terms. Once we have your details, your course is booked!

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