Fire warden training London – some of the options!

Fire warden training course London optionsfire warden training london

Some of our fire warden training course London solutions

So you have decided you need fire warden training course London programmes for your staff. Here are some of our options and also some advice on what might work best for your team!

Our open fire warden training London courses are held every month in Southwark, South London. We limit numbers to 20 persons per course but also sometime provide an “over-spill” course if we have more persons who need training. This fire warden training course London  will be great if you have just a few persons needing training and also want live fire training.

Our team also offer in house fire warden training course London programmes. We will train any number of fire wardens for one fee. If less than twenty persons attend each will get a training certificate and also online training notes. If you have more than twenty persons we provide a group training certificate. This course can include a live fire training session if you have a suitable outside space.

We also offer off site fire warden courses in London. You can either select our venue or one of your own. You will need to pay for any venue costs plus our training fee. We can also include a live fire training session if you select the correct venue.

In house and off site fire warden training course London courses are great if you have a new procedure or are a new organisation needing new ideas and fire plans.

How to book fire warden training London programmes for your staff

Booking fire warden training for your staff is so easy. Either call us or email us with your preferred dates and options. We will ask for some details and also agree our terms. Once we have your details your course is booked.

If you need more information about what is the best solution for your staff, call for a no obligation chat.




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