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    School Fire Training

School fire training

School fire training London programme

school fire training London

School fire training London programme:

  • Common causes of fire and also fire law
  • Extinguisher theory
  • Fire extinguisher practical (optional)
  • Hazard spotting in schools
  • Checks and tests in schools
  • Fire drills in schools
  • How to get people out safely
  • Non-emergency duties of teachers and other staff
  • Fire procedures in schools
  • Disabled evacuation plans
  • Fire safety for breakfast clubs, after dinner clubs, school plays etc

This course is provided as a half day programme. It can be delivered on inset training days, as a twilight training session or any other day. We place no limit on numbers of staff attending this course.

Persons on this course will receive a certificate of attendance and also links to online training notes for schools (up to 20 attendees or group certificate provided). We can also provide your school with a group training certificate for your fire records.


School fire training London programmes

Our school fire training London programme has been delivered to hundreds of schools across the capital. We have provided this course as an in school session and also off site sessions. Our school fire training London programme can also include live fire extinguisher training. Your staff can tackle small fires using our safe LPG rig and also our extinguishers.

We also provide open fire marshal courses in London and many schools send persons on this course if thy only a few people who need training.

For more information about our school fire training London programme, either call or email us.

How to book school fire training London session

Booking a school fire training London session is so easy! Either call us or email us with your preferred date. Remember that inset training days to book well in advance, so book early to get your preferred date. We ask for some information about your school and also ask you to agree our terms and conditions. Once you have supplied us with your information, your course is booked!

Frequently asked questions

How many persons can we train on school fire training London session?

You may place any number of persons on your school fire training course classroom session. If you decide to have a live fire training session, we limit numbers outside to twenty persons so that we keep everyone safe!

Is this course accredited?

Yes this course is accredited and we are also an approved fire training centre. The course is based on government guidance, British Standards publications and also fire service advice. Furthermore, all of our trainers have worked as trainers for the fire service and have run hundreds of courses for schools and also thousands of other sessions.

When should we book our school fire training course?

Inset days are very popular and usually book three to six months in advance. However, if you have a few dates available, we should be able to give you the date that you need.

It is easier to book a course without a live fire extinguisher training session, as our fire training rig is often busy at other events.

Can we change the syllabus on our school fire training London session?

Yes we can make some changes to your course. We can alter the duration and change some of the content to include your plans. In addition,if you have concerns over fire safety, we can also include these issues in your school fire training session.

Can you provide references for your school fire training course?

Yes. We have trained hundreds of our schools in fire safety. We have also carried out hundreds of fire risk assessments in schools too. You and your school can engage us to carry out a fire risk assessment and then carry out fire training. We will be able to discuss any issues we have spotted and make your school safer.

What space do we need for a live fire extinguisher session?

Read our fire extinguisher page for more details.