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    Fire Safety For Managers & Responsible Persons

fire safety for managers

Fire safety for managers and responsible persons

Fire safety for managers programme


Fire safety for managers and manager fire safety training

Our fire safety for managers and manager fire safety training programmes are available as in house courses and also as individual mentoring sessions. Fire safety

  • Fire safety and fire law.
  • Extinguisher theory and also classes of fire.
  • Fire extinguisher practical (optional).
  • Fire risk assessments and also fire emergency plans.
  • Non-emergency duties of fire marshals.
  • Hazard spotting.
  • Basic fire training.
  • Routine maintenance of fire precautions.
  • Effective fire drills.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Fire evacuation strategies and also fire alarm systems.
  • Accounting methods.
  • Disabled fire procedures and also PEEPS.
  • General fire evacuation information.
  • Open forum.

On Site Training

We can deliver this fire safety for managers training programme at your site. It is available as an off the peg or also as an adapted programme.  Our team can include your fire plans and procedures and furthermore can add pictures of fire risks to assist fire safety knowledge. We also examine and discuss your current fire risk assessment. In addition, we will discuss nationally recognised fire risk assessments and why it is important to have a formalised documents.

The aim of this course is to provide all managers with an oversight  of fire safety and also for them to understand the importance of complying with fire law.

You may place any number of persons on your in house fire training course.

Also ask about our online fire marshal training courses.

Mentoring sessions

Our managers fire safety  mentoring systems are for managers, responsible persons and also health and safety officers who have a basic understanding of fire safety in the workplace.

We can persons who have individual mentoring sessions to carry out audits of existing fire risk assessments or carrying out FRAs of simple buildings. Persons on the course will have an understanding of fire law, requirements for providing warning of fires, emergency lighting and also provision of fire fighting equipment.

Also ask about our fire door survey service.