Fire Training in Essex

fire marshal training EssexFire marshal training Essex

Fire marshal training Essex programme

Session one  –  Fire law, common causes of fire and also general fire safety.

Session two  –  Classes of fire and also the different types of fire extinguisher. In addition, we can include a live fire session.

Session three  –  Fire emergency plans, hazard spotting, fire safety checks and also how to have great fire drills.

Session four –  Fire strategies, evacuation methods, accounting for persons and also disabled fire evacuation.

In house fire warden courses

Do you need in house fire warden training in Essex for your staff?  Our Essex fire warden training courses helps managers meet their legal duties and also train fire wardens.

Managers may place any number of persons on an in house fire warden course in Essex. They can also have a live fire training session. If you need a fire extinguisher session but do not have an outside space – either call or email our team now.  We can hire venues that will let us carry out live fire extinguisher sessions.

Our fire warden course in Essex can be changed to meet your needs. This means that your course will be about your site, so will assist fire wardens with their role. All persons on our fire warden training in Essex programmes get a training certificate and also online notes. Our in house fire warden courses in Essex are from just £345 + VAT for any number of persons. We can run a live fire session with your fire warden training for just £545+VAT. Up to ten persons can use fire extinguishers on small fires using our extinguishers and rig.

Either call or email us for further details about  fire warden courses in Essex.

Fire marshal training Essex programmes

In house fire marshal training Essex

We can run fire marshal training Essex programmes at your site or you can hire a local venue. Our fire marshal training Essex programme is an approved course and each person will get a training certificate and also online notes.

On site fire marshal training Essex programmes can be changed to include your fire plans. In addition, we can take photos of fire risk and include them in your course. As an approved centre your staff training course will still be accredited.

Why pick us for your in house fire marshal training Essex:

  • Fixed price with no added extras.
  • Any number of staff can be on your fire marshal training Essex programme.
  • All persons get a training certificate and also online notes.
  • Practical fire extinguisher sessions can be included using our rig and also our extinguishers.
  • Former fire officers and fire training staff.
  • We provide references from customers and clients.

Practical fire extinguisher sessions on our fire marshal training Essex programmes

We do limit the number of persons on a practical session to about twenty staff. However, we can double up this number by carrying out two extinguisher sessions on your course. This is how it works – Group one take part in the practical session, while group two take a coffee break. Then we swap the groups over and carry out another live session.

We run fire marshal courses Essex as in house courses and off-site courses. Let us run fire training for your staff!

If you are based in South Essex, you may send staff on our fire marshal courses in London.

Either call or email us for more details about  fire marshal training Essex courses.

Do you only need one or two persons trained?

If you only need one or two staff trained you can also attend our open fire marshal courses London programme. Course fees include live fire training and light refreshments. We are in Southwark, so this is nice an easy for Essex staff! For dates try this useful site.

Fire extinguisher training Essex

In house fire extinguisher training in Essex

We can hold in house fire extinguisher training Essex programmes at your site. We can also book venues away from your workplace to carry out live fire extinguisher training. Our fire extinguisher courses in Essex are based on Government, British Standards and Fire Service advice. Our fire training team have all worked for the Essex Fire Service training team. Therefore, we can provide service style fire extinguisher training in Essex at low cost.

We use a safe fire training rig for live fire extinguisher training Essex sessions. Your staff can fight small fires while be looked after by our fire training team.  We carry out a full risk assessment of any training area before any live fire extinguisher training in Essex.

Our in house fire extinguisher training Essex courses are from just £345 + VAT. Fire extinguisher training Essex sessions including practical fire extinguisher sessions are available from just £545 + VAT. Up to ten persons can have hands on fire extinguisher training.

Staff will receive a certificate of attendance and also online training notes.

This course can run along side fire marshal training Essex programmes. This means that general staff carry out extinguisher training and then fire marshals carry out two further sessions.

Either call or email us for more details about  fire extinguisher training in Essex

School fire training in Essex

Fire training at your school in Essex

We run fire training for school staff in Essex.  The school fire training in Essex course is for all staff and will help headteachers, governors etc meet their legal duties.

Our Essex school fire course is based on British Standards, Government guidance and fire service advice. We deliver training for schools,  colleges, Montessori schools and similiar premises. We can also provide references and insurance details.

Remember your school fire training in Essex can include hands on fire extinguisher training.

Some schools choose to offer office staff regular fire marshal training Essex programmes. You can call us for advice about school fire training and fire marshal training Essex courses.

Either call or email us for more details about  school fire training in Essex.

Fire training for care homes in Essex

Our team runs fire training for care homes in Essex. The care home fire training follows fire service, government and British Standard  advice. Care home fire courses in Essex include fire law, fire extinguishers, fire drills, evacuation training and types of incident and what to do. We also look at delayed, progressive horizontal and full evacuation.

Our team can work with your care home and help you with fire emergency plans and also fire evacuation plans.  Care home fire training courses in Essex will help managers in care homes meet their legal duties.  We can also look at vertical evacuation.

To talk about  care home fire training courses in Essex either call or email our team.

Fire training in GP surgeries

City Fire Training offers  fire training and fire risk assessments for doctors surgeries. Our courses are based on fire service, government and British Standard advice.

Fire safety in healthcare buildings must be based on staff and patients need. Therefore effective plans must be put into place. Our team will help you train competent staff to assist patients and visitors and also leave a building safely.

We also offer formal fire risk assessments for doctors surgeries. We guarantee that our reports will pass fire officers inspections.

Either call or email us for more details about  fire training in surgeries.

Fire safety on building sites in Essex

We run building site fire safety training for clients in Essex. Our course is based on government construction site safety advice and British Standard recommendations.

The training includes fire law, fire extinguishers, accounting methods on constructions sites and also fire evacuation plans. We also discuss fire emergency plans and give building site fire safety advice.

Either call us or email us now for more details or to book a course.

Frequently asked questions about fire marshal training Essex

How many people can attend our in house training?

You may place as many persons as you wish on your in house fire marshal training Essex programme. We just need a room large enough for the number of persons you want to train and white wall or screen. Our team bring everything else!

Are your courses accredited?

Yes all of our courses are accredited and we are also an approved fire training centre. Furthermore, as an approved centre we can change our courses to include your specific plans. All of courses are based on government guidance, British Standards and Essex County Fire and Rescue Service published advice.

How many fire marshals do we need in a building?

Workplaces need a sufficient number of persons to implement the evacuation plan at all material times.

The number required will depend on whether you operate a roll call or sweep system. Roll calls are only suitable for small workplaces, so only one or two persons will be required. Larger workplaces use sweep systems and therefore will need more persons. As a rough guide, use one fire marshal for every sixty seconds or so of search area. You may also need deputy fire marshals if any of these persons is away from their workplace.

Fire risk assessments Essex

Do you need a fire risk assessment? We can look at your building and produce a simple report. An inspection for a medium sized building takes about two hours. We then write the report and send it to you. If you need any help in making your place of work safe, you can call us at any time.

Our team either used to still work for Essex Fire Service. This means we know what Essex officers look for when they come to your building. We can help managers comply with the law. Our team can also train your staff based on what faults we have found in your building. This will help your staff stay safe.

For more details about how we can help either call or email us.

Do you offer online fire training?

Yes. We do offer online fire training. This can be purchased as general fire marshal or office fire marshal courses. We also provide general staff fire training courses too. These can be purchased as individual course places.

If you need more, than one person trained or want to train all of your staff, we have the solution for you! We provided tailored online fire training websites that can only be viewed by your staff. Fire marshal courses are based on six simple lessons. The fire marshal course takes just over an an to complete. So your staff can be have approved and accredited training and be back at work in about an hour twenty minutes! The websites also provide online fire training for general staff too. They will undertake four lessons, which takes under an hour to complete. each tailored course includes your own fire emergency plan and fire evacuation plan. So your training will be about your workplace and meet Essex Fire and Rescue Service standards for workplace fire training.

Lastly, we can provide bespoke online fire training for staff. This means we come to your site and make new fire safety films, develop new fire safety text and lessons for your staff. After an initial low cost build fee, your website can be renewed annually for a low fee.

So what are you waiting for? Web based fire training which can be carried out by new starters, existing staff, fire marshals and any person needing fire training.

Do we need fire marshal training Essex courses every year?

The frequency of fire marshal training Essex sessions will depend on the risk in your workplace. Some places of work like care homes are considered very high risk. Therefore training is carried out very often. If your place of work is low risk, then fire marshal training can be carried out less frequently.

Managers and also other persons can find out the level of risk in a workplace easily. They can check their fire risk assessment. An external fire risk assessor will assess the level of risk in the report. Still unsure? Then either email us or call us and we will give you an indication of how often your fire marshal training Essex sessions should be!

Fire extinguisher training Essex courses – Do we need to book in advance?

We usually book up 5 or 6 weeks in advance. However, we do have some spare dates, so it is always worth calling us for availability. If you are from a school. Note: our inset days usually book up a few months in advance. We do have a number of great trainers though. So its still worth calling us for details.

Remember, unlike many other providers, we do not place a limit on numbers attending our courses. However, we do limit the numbers taking part in a practical fire extinguisher session to 20 persons.

Refresher fire marshal training Essex – Previous suppliers

“We have had fire marshal training Essex programmes with another provider, but were unhappy with the quality. Do you offer refresher fire marshal training?” . This was a recent call to our office. Yes, we do offer refresher fire training. Since our courses are accredited with the IFSM, the content will assist new and existing fire marshals to carry out their role.

If we provide in house fire marshal training Essex programmes for your staff, we can add extra sections. These include your own fire emergency plan  and also evacuation plans. In addition, we can take photos of possible risks to add to your staff fire safety knowledge. Finally, we can run a fire drill to make sure that your fire marshals can carry out their role effectively.

All staff on the course will receive a certificate of attendance or if there is more than twenty persons we will issue a company training certificate. Our refresher programmes can also include a live fire extinguisher session. We will use an LPG training rig and water, foam and CO2 extinguishers. In addition, we will include wet chemical extinguishers if you have a commercial kitchen.

So what are you waiting for? Either call us or email us now for more details.