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    Extinguisher & General Staff Courses

  • We do not limit the numbers attending any classroom fire extinguisher session. Therefore this can represent great value for money for your staff fire training. However, we do limit the number ofpersons attending the practical session to twenty persons. Tis is so we can maitain a safe environment for your staff. In addition, we also base our fee on approxiamately ten persons taking part in the practical session.

    If you want more persons to take part in the live fire training session either email us or call us for some training suggestions.

  • We use an environmentally friendly fire training rig that is fuelled by LPG. We also use water, faom and CO2 fire extinguishers and can also deminstrate Wet Chemical for those with a commercial kitchen.

    If we visit your site and carry out a live fire training session, your outside space must meet our safe area criteria. For more infomation either look at the paragraph above or give our team a call.

Extinguisher and general staff courses

Next fire extinguisher training London course dates

Fire extinguisher training London course dates

17th July 2018 a.m. – Southwark College, The Cut  –  (a.m. course) – £60 + vat per person – SOLD OUT

17th July 2018 p.m. – Southwark College, The Cut  –  (p.m. course) – £60 + vat per person – Good availability

22nd August 2018  – Southwark College, The Cut  (a.m. course) – £60 + vat per person – Good availability

19th September 2018  – Southwark College, The Cut  (a.m. course) – £60 + vat per person – Good availability


Fire extinguisher training London course content

fire extinguisher training London

  • Fire awareness and fire law
  • Extinguishers and classes of fire.
  • Types of fire extinguisher.
  • Jet, spray and mist extinguishers.
  • Siting, maintenance and checking.
  • General fire extinguisher info.
  • Safe use of fire extinguishers.
  • Fire extinguisher DVD or live fire extinguisher demo.

All persons on this course get a training certificate and also online training notes. We can also provide a group certificate for your training records.

Open and in house course practical sessions

Do your staff need fire extinguisher training? Our approved courses are an ideal platform for staff fire training. Since our course is accredited, your staff can sure of up to date  and relevant training. Our courses are based on government guidance, British standards and also published fire service advice.

Our open fire extinguisher courses London sessions include fire extinguisher practical exercises. On-site courses can also include a fire extinguisher training as an optional extra.

Our team use a safe LPG training rig and also a range of fire extinguishers. Persons on the course can use water, foam and also CO2 extinguishers on small fires. We limit the number of persons taking part in a practical session to twenty persons. This is so we can ensure a safe practical exercise area.


In house fire extinguisher training London

In house fire extinguisher training London programmes is delivered in various ways. We can provide our courses as the above content or also as a number of short sessions. As an approved fire training centre you can be sure of great training.

Your in house fire extinguisher training London session can also include live fire extinguisher training. Any outside space must either be owned or controlled by your building. Alternatively, you may also use an area that you have permission to use. Look at the practical fire extinguisher training session information on this page. These shows what we need and that we will also carry out a risk assessment on the training area.

Our fire training teams can provide fire extinguisher courses in London in 2 hour and also half day formats. We do limit the number of persons taking part in live fire training, so we can be sure of attendees safety. The limit is 20 persons per session.

Practical fire extinguisher training London sessions

We can provide on-site fire extinguisher training at your building if the outside area is:fire extinguisher training London

  • About seven metres in width and also 3 metres in depth.
  • Not near combustible or flammable sources and air intakes etc.
  • Hard standing underfoot and not visible by road users.
  • On your land with no public access.
  • Agree our on-site risk assessment.
  • The space must not be indoors or underground car park
  • Not on a roof of a building

How many can carry out live fire training sessions?

We limit the number of persons on a live fire training session to about 20 persons so we can assure all persons are safe. However, you can get more people to have live fire training sessions by doubling up on the number of live fire training sessions.  Either call us or email us for more details.

Extreme weather conditions

In the event of extreme weather conditions, we may need to either limit the types of fires students tackle or operate extinguishers without live fire. This is a very rare event so usually do undertake all practical sessions.

If you need more information about our live fire training either call or email us. Once booked we will provide our insurance details and also can also send our pro forma risk assessment for your records.


Frequently asked questions about fire extinguisher training London sessions

How many people can attend an in house fire extinguisher training London course?

You may place as many persons as you wish on an in house fire extinguisher training London course. However, we do try to limit the numbers taking part in an outside session to about twenty persons. This is so we can keep everyone safe and keep an eye on everyone! However, if you need more than twenty persons to have hands on fire training we can do two sessions.

All persons up to twenty persons will get a personal fire training certificate. We also provide a group training certificate on request or for groups with more than twenty attendees. If you have a group certificate we can add the list of names on the back of the training certificate.

We only want to train a couple of persons on fire extinguishers. What are our options?

We hold open courses so those just need one or two staff can attend. Courses are held every month. We recommend that you book early to get your places.

What type of fire extinguishers do we use on a fire extinguisher training London session?

Your staff can use water extinguishers, foam extinguishers, CO2 extinguishers and wet chemical fire extinguishers if you have a commercial kitchen. We bring enough fire extinguishers so that up to ten of your staff can have hands on training.

Remember, we use an environmentally friendly fire training rig that burns liquefied petroleum gas through water. Therefore, we need a safe outside space away from a main road and any place where there is public access. The space needs to be about five car parking spaces in size. It must also be away from combustible materials, flammable sources, air intakes and windows. Lastly, the outside space needs to be on hard standing and also a space owned or controlled by your organisation.

Who needs to be trained in the use of fire extinguishers?

We are often asked “who needs fire extinguisher training in a workplace”. The answer is quite simple. Everyone must have fire extinguisher training.

Government guidance for types of workplace details what should be included in a fire emergency plan. These plans include fire fighting equipment in the workplace. As all workplaces must have fire extinguishers, then all staff must be trained on how to use them.

A further question on our courses is “How often should staff be trained in the use of fire extinguishers?”. This will depend on the level of risk in the workplace. Workplaces such as care homes have frequent fires and the live risk is high. Therefore persons  staff in care homes will have regular and frequent fire training which should include fire extinguishers.

There is no requirement to have live fire extinguisher training though. However, there are many benefits of opting for a course with live fire extinguisher training. As most persons have not used a fire extinguisher before or if they have, they have done it very infrequently. Using a fire extinguisher, knowing how to hold it, how to direct the fire media onto the fire, how close to stand and when it is and is not safe to tackle a fire will be very useful when tackling a real fire.

How long does my fire training certificate last?

The frequency of fire training is usually detailed in a workplaces fire emergency plan. It will also be determined by the level of risk in the building.

A high risk building or a building with a high life risk, staff should have more frequent fire extinguisher training. Those with less risk will need less frequent training.

Our team can provide guidance for managers on the frequency of training. We can also support your fire extinguisher training with access to our online fire training course. Buy a place on our open fire extinguisher course and you can upgrade and include three years additional access to our website. Either call us or email us for more details.

What do I need to bring on my fire training course?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes. You must wear flat shoes if you want to take part in the practical fire extinguisher session. Attendees can also bring writing materials. You can take photos of our slides so that you do not spend too long taking notes!

How to book

If you or your staff want fire extinguisher training London courses, you can come on an open course or book an in house session. Our open courses all include live fire training. Our in house courses can also include live fire training too.

For more details about fire extinguisher training either call or email us now.

Do you provide online fire extinguisher training?

Yes. We do provide online fire extinguisher training in all of our online fire training courses. If you book an online fire training course you can also have a discount on any practical fire training that you carry out.

Our online fire extinguisher courses look at the different types of fire. They also look at water, foam, dry powder, CO2 and wet chemical extinguishers. Our online course does not include the use of extinguishers on metal fires. We recommend that persons with this risk receive specialist training.

Our general online fire extinguisher or “staff training course” takes about half an hour to do. If your company opts for a tailored online fire training session, we also add fire emergency plans and evacuation plans.

If you and your staff do not need extra theory sessions after carrying out online fire training, you can attend the practical session part only of the course. You and your staff will receive a generous discount for this part of the session. Remember, we will give you an exact start time and location. Your staff must attend this slot, as we will not start the session late because we have other persons on the course. Either call or email us for more details.

Can you give us advice on how many fire extinguishers we need and where to put them?

Yes. We do discuss these issues if you take part in our fire marshal training course. Our trainers will provide you with a guide to how many fire extinguishers you need.

How to book fire extinguisher training London sessions

Booking a fire extinguisher training London session with us is so easy.

For open courses, send us an email. We will send a booking email and also ask for you to agree our terms.

For in house of off site training for your staff, you should call us. Once we have agreed a date, we will send a booking email asking for info and also for you to agree our terms.

When I book a fire extinguisher training London session – What happens next?

Once you have booked your open fire extinguisher training London session, we will send an invoice. We also send joining instruction 7-14 days before the course date. Sometimes we send the joining instructions a little earlier.

If you have booked an in house fire extinguisher training course, we will send an invoice to you a few days after you have booked. Our trainer will also call you 2 or 3 days before the course date to make arrival arrangements.

We ask if you can prepare a list of attendees for our trainer, so he can take a register before the course starts. After the course has taken place you will receive your certificates by first class post.

What is included in a live fire extinguisher training London session?

Our live fire extinguisher sessions are very popular with staff. Many staff have never used a fire extinguisher before, so this course is ideal for staff to practice their firefighting skills.

We use a fire training rig and different types of extinguisher. These include, water, foam, CO2 and wet chemical fire extinguishers.

We let up to 10 persons tackle some small fires on an in house course. A further 10 persons can observe the live fire training session.

Our team do need a suitable outside space. Our article above details what we need for a live fire training session. Still not sure? Why not contact us for more details. Either call or email us for a chat. You can also send a photo of the site you want to use. We can also view the area using Google Earth to see whether your area is safe. Don’t forget, we also carry out a risk assessment of the area before any exercise to reduce any hazards or risk.

The best fire extinguisher training with a live fire training session. Book your in house fire session now!

How many persons can attend a fire extinguisher training London session at our site?

If you opt for fire extinguisher training at your site, any number of persons can come on the session. However, outside we limit the number of staff on a practical session to twenty persons.

Many workplaces ask us to carry out multiple fire extinguisher sessions. We can provide up to four outside sessions a day, so can train up to eighty persons in the use of fire extinguishers. We do limit the number actually putting out fires to ten persons.

Your staff can use water, foam, CO2 and wet chemical fire extinguishers on our live fire training rig. We can manage the size of the fire so your staff can tackle a fire safely with our trainer.

Can we use our own fire extinguishers on our training session?

Yes. We can use your fire extinguishers on your in house fire training session. However, we are unable to service the extinguishers and replace them. You will need to talk to your fire extinguisher engineer. If you do not have one, we can recommend really good companies that will help service and supply fire extinguishers.

Do fire service training departments use fire fighters to carry out fire training?

We understand the appeal of having fire fighters to carry out staff fire training! We were also serving fire fighters and had many requests for in house fire training. Local fire brigades including London and Essex use external fire trainers and non uniformed fire service personnel. Our company is able to provide officers who serve as fire fighters for your training.

Recent in house fire extinguisher training London courses

We have recently held fire extinguisher training London courses for schools, offices, nightclubs, restaurants, care homes, construction sites, factories and distribution companies. This month we working with nightclubs, shops, private hospitals, bars and hostels.

If your staff need hands on fire extinguisher training, we can provide courses as open programmes, off site and also in house sessions.

We can carry out training in two of your sites in one day!

If you need fire extinguisher training in more than one site, why not book us for the whole day? We can provide training at one site in the morning and also another session at a nearby venue in the afternoon.

Our trainer will need a break between the two sessions, time to set and also time to travel between venues. Therefore we recommend a start no later 0900 a.m. and a second session at about 13.30 or 14.oo p.m.

Although we do offer practical fire extinguisher training in London, we may need extra time for two practical sessions. This may  add a small additional fee for our trainer.

Either call us or email us for more details.

Do persons on the fire extinguisher course have to take part in the practical exercise?

No. If your staff are on our open courses, they will be asked if they want to take part in the practical exercise. If they do not want to fight a small fire that is fine!

Do you ever cancel practical sessions on an open course?

This happens very rarely in extreme weather conditions. Sometimes we may have to only use certain extinguishers on the course due to wind conditions etc.

If there is very heavy rain, we may postpone the practical session until later in the day.

We have seen the online fire extinguisher session on your online training course. Can you produce and film a session for us at our building?

Yes we can do that.  We will film parts of your building to demonstrate the different classes of fire and risks in it. Finally we can film your staff tackling small fires in an outside space at your premises.

The cost of this service will vary depending on location, types of extinguishers you have, the number of risks you want us to film. Normally, a bespoke training video will cost less than £1000 to produce. So why not add this online training session for your staff.

How long will it take to produce?

We will need to shoot the video inside and outside of your building. Therefore we do need a day with good weather and lots of good light! Once we have filmed the video, it will take one week to edit and produce the video. In addition, we need to create a new online fire training course for your staff. Most bespoke online fire training courses / websites take two weeks to produce from filming day.

Do you supply fire extinguishers and maintenance for workplaces?

No we do not provide or sell fire extinguishers. We also do not provide annual maintenance or services.

However, we can recommend some organisations if you are unsatisfied with your current provider. We do not receive any remuneration for any provider.

How many fire extinguishers do we need in our workplace?

Your fire risk assessor should tell you whether you have enough fire extinguishers. As a rough guide, you will require one general purpose fire extinguisher for each 200 sq metres of floor space on each floor. You will need a minimum of two general purpose extinguisher unless you have less than 100 sq metres of floor space.

In addition to  general purpose fire extinguishers, you will also need extinguishers to cover other risks in your premises. For example, you will need CO2 fire extinguishers for any electrical risk. You could place one CO2 extinguisher next to each general presuppose extinguisher.

Always be sure that you do over provide fire extinguishers as this can be expensive. It may be cheaper to appoint an independent external fire risk assessor. He/She may be able to save you money over a few years by giving you a minimum number required.

Do you carry out off site fire extinguisher training?

Yes. We do offer off site fire extinguisher training if you do not have room at your site or workplace. Our team can hire venues in East London or on the South Bank where you can have training with practical sessions. We usually take up to twenty persons per session on a practical course. Therefore you could have two back to back sessions and train up to forty persons in a morning or afternoon session.

Our prices are the same as on site fire training. There will be a small charge payable to the venue. We can arrange this for you if required.

Can you explain your fire extinguisher training open course and online refresher offer?

If you book a place on our open course or your organisation buys an in house course, you can also have an online refresher course. You or your staff will have access to our online training course for three years. This is available for a small extra fee.

This means that you do not need to come back onto our open courses or have an additional in house training session for three years.

Remember our online courses are also accredited fire training programmes.