Fire Door Survey – From £345+vat

Need a fire door survey or fire door assessors London? City Fire Training have accredited fire door surveyors. Each door in your building can be inspected and will included in a full report. Reports provide an FDIS Pass/Fail standard and will also include any works needed to bring to fire door pass standard.

The Fire Safety Order 2005 Section 5 requires the responsible person of a workplace or building to ensure that articles 8 to 22 of the FSO to maintain fire precautions in the building.

Fire door surveys London will help the responsible person identify which doors may require attention.

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Fire door survey

A fire door survey helps responsible persons and also managers understand whether persons can escape from a building safely.  In addition, confirm they are complying with fire safety law.

After recent fires, many responsible persons understand the need for a full fire door survey and also maintain fire precautions. As accredited fire door surveyors (FDIS) providing fire door inspection reports, the following points are checked in a fire door survey:

Notes door identification marks

Room numbers and also floor

Barcodes if supplied

Door type. For example FD30, fire exit or also standard door

Location of the door

Door material

Frame material

Height, width and also depth of door

What type of door set. For example – a single door, a double door or also a door and a half leaf.

Has the frame passed?

Are the hinges correct, CE marked,  and also fitted with the correct screws

Have any locks or door furniture fitted passed the inspection?

Is the glass CE approved / fire safety glass and also fitted correctly?

Are seals and strips fitted in good order?

Does the self closer work correctly?

Has the structure of the door and also frame passed?

Is the door fitted with the correct signage?

Are the gaps between doors, doors and frames and also doors and floors adequate?

The report will also include an overall FDIS Pass/ Fail evaluation and also inspectors notes about each door. Where necessary, the fire door inspection report will contain a photo of any door to explain the assessors findings. For more info on reports, either call or email us.

Other info


Fees and charges

Fire door surveys (FDIS)are based on the number of fire doors and also other doors in the building. A minimum charge is payable. Either call us or email for a quotation for your building. Please supply the following info regarding your quotation; the type of building, the number of doors in the building and also whether the fire doors have been addressed a significant finding in the fire risk assessment.

Our assessors

Our assessors have all served in the fire service, working in Fire safety departments and Fire emergency planning and training sectors. Experienced fire officers will not only understand whether a fire door is correctly fitted and maintained but also how it fits into other fire safety precautions in the building.

Recent fire door survey

A recent fire door survey carried out in Royal Berkshire revealed that the premises was a built as a "Speculative" building (Spec Build). This means that it was built with no particular client or purpose in mind. When the building was finally occupied the tenants then introduce new offices doors and areas etc. 

The building manager thought there was a large number of fire doors, but our survey revealed that many of the doors that were built to fire door standard were not required to be fire doors. This also meant that some of the remedial action would not be required.

The survey also revealed that there had been poor fire stopping in all service risers. This had never been identified in any previous fire risk assessment.

Frequently asked questions

Are fire doors covered on CFT training courses?

Fire door checks that can be carried out in house are discussed on courses. The subject is also covered in the hazard spotting session. 

How much does a fire door survey cost?

The cost of the fire door survey will depend on the number of fire doors and fire exits in the building. There is a minimum fee which is based on a half day rate. In addition, it will also depend on the type of building and its location. Either call us or email us for a quote.

Why is fire door survey required? Are they not covered in the fire risk assessment?

Fire doors are covered in a fire risk assessment. However, this will not be an in depth look at the door and will not necessarily provide details of repair. A fire door survey is an in depth look at the door, frame, glass, door furniture, signage, self closer and also gaps.

Is the fire door survey accredited?

Our fire door surveys are to FDIS standard. The CFT assessors have attended and passed the FDIS course. In addition, they are all experienced fire officers who have carried out thousands of fire risk assessment audits, inspections and surveys. 

Do we get a report at the end of the fire door survey?

A comprehensive report detailing all parts of the doors and also pictures were appropriate is sent to the customer.

The report is usually sent within a few days of the inspection.

Does the new Fire Safety Bill affect me?

The new Fire Safety Bill will amend the Fire Safety Order 2006. It will help to clarify the duties of a responsible person for residential buildings.

The responsible person will now have duties to :

  • manage and reduce risks from cladding, balconies and also windows
  • manage and reduce risk  of flat entrance doors to common areas.

Many managers will consider a fire door survey to ascertain the standard of the current doors in the building. Those buildings with older style doors may need to upgrade fire doors to current standards.

For more details of our door surveys, either call us or email us now.