Fire marshal training courses

fire marshal training coursesFire marshal training courses

Fire marshal training courses – availability

Our open fire marshal training courses do book up early, so you must book early to reserve places! The next open courses are scheduled for Oct 18th, Nov 15th and also December 13th:

Oct 18th has just three spaces left. Afternoon session fully booked.

Nov 15th  has ten places left. Afternoon session fully booked.

Dec 13th has good availability. We also have an afternoon space available for companies who want off-site training on Dec 13th 2017.

All of our fire marshal training courses are IFSM accredited, so all persons get a training certificate after the course. They will also get online training notes if requested.

What’s included in the course?

The course is in four parts: Part one looks at fire law, causes of fire and also some case histories. Part two includes classes of fire, fire extinguishers and also a practical extinguisher session (open courses). We then take a short refreshment break. Part three looks at proactive fire marshal issues such as fire emergency plans, hazard spotting, safety checks and also fire drills. Part four looks at reactive measures such as accounting for persons, evacuating buildings, disabled procedures and also general evacuation advice.

How to book fire marshal training courses

Booking a course with us is so easy! Follow these easy steps and book your training now:

Open fire marshal training courses

Either call us or email us for availability. We will reserve a place for you and also send our booking email. We hold your place for five working days and will confirm your place once we have heard from you.

Note: We do not hold spaces on open courses if there is less than five days before the course date. So if you need a late booking, remember it will be first come, first serve!

In-house fire marshal training courses

Either call us or send an email with your preferred training dates. City Fire Training have a number of trainers, so picking your favourite date should be easy. We will reserve your course date and send a booking email. We will also ask you to agree our terms and conditions. Once we have heard from you, your course is booked! Remember in house courses can be for any number of persons, so this really is excellent value (limited to 20 persons with a live fire training session).


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Fire marshal training London – latest course dates

Fire marshal training London – latest course datesfire marshal training London

Fire marshal training courses London

Our latest open fire marshal training courses London programmes will be held on  15th November, 13th December 2017 and also on 17th January 2018. These approved fire training courses also include a live fire extinguisher session.

Each person attending will get a training certificate and online training notes.

What do fire marshal training courses London  include?

Our  fire marshal training courses London are in four parts:

Part one

Part one looks at why fire marshals and also fire wardens are needed. We find out what persons on the course know about the job of a fire marshal and also whether they have previous experience. In addition, we look at the common causes of fire in the workplace and also at home. After the terrible events at the Grenfell Tower fire, we will also discuss high rise living and what to do in case of fire. Lastly, we look some case histories and discuss what went wrong at these blazes.

Part two

Part two looks at the different types of fire. We discuss each one and also what is the best extinguisher for them. In addition, we take a thorough look at each type of extinguisher and discuss where they are located for quick use. After some fire safety tips we are then ready for our practical session. So it is off outside, where we tackle some small fires with our extinguishers. The picture above shows our simple fire training rig which persons on the course can use so they can practice safe use of extinguishers.

Next we have a short refreshment and comfort break and also so persons on the course can get too know each other. You can also ask our trainers any questions you didn’t want to ask in front of a large group!

Part three

Part three is about proactive fire safety measures. These are the things that fire marshals can help with to make sure their building stays safe, has fewer fires and protects occupants if there is a fire. This session includes all of the parts of fire emergency plans. These plans form the basis of all staff fire training, so it is an important part of the course. We also look at hazard spotting, so fire marshals will know what to look for in their building.  In addition, we look at safety checks in workplaces and how fire marshals can help. Lastly, we look at fire drills which is essential training for any fire marshal.

Part four

Part four is about reactive fire safety plans. Fire marshals must know their fire evacuation plan so they know what to do when the alarm operates. Therefore, we look at different evacuation methods for various times of the day. We also look at how to account for all persons in a building. Safe door checks are important, so we will show how to open a door in abuilding on fire and help you keep safe. In addition, we discuss disabled fire procedures and why all buildings must have these plans in place. Lastly we look at general fire evacuation advice.

What is accredited fire training?

Accredited fire training courses have been checked by a fire safety organisation to ensure the courses pass their standards. Our fire marshal training London courses have been checked by the Institute of fire safety managers. This is a fire industry organisation with members from fire protection, fire training and also fire equipment providers.

All persons who come on our course will get a an IFSM fire marshal training courses London certificate and also online fire training notes for their type of workplace. We will also give them disabled fire procedure and information notes as well as London Fire Brigade emergency plan links.

Who are City Fire Training Ltd?

City Fire Training Ltd have been incorporated since 2009 and have run thousands of fire training courses over this period. We are also suppliers of nationally recognised fire risk assessments. We use PAS 79 formats to conduct an inspection and report for workplaces and common areas of residential buildings.

Its directors were both former senior officers with a local fire service. Both working operationally and also as fire safety inspecting officers, emergency planning officers and also expert fire trainers. Both directors previously worked for the Fire Service Safety Partnership and have also provided fire training for fire service staff since leaving the fire service. We also have a number of other qualified staff who supply excellent fire training, fire risk assessments and also fire safety consultancy.

We can supply excellent references from government buildings, embassies and consulates, blue chip companies and also other organisations. Our team have provided fire training for shops, factories, offices, restaurants, hotels, residential care homes and also schools. Remember our fire training can be tailored to be workplace specific, such as fire safety for schools, or residential care home fire training. We can come into your building and take photos of real fire risks and hazards. Therefore you staff will know how not to repeat these dangerous practices in future.


How to book a place on our courses

Booking a course place is so easy! Either call us or email us with your preferred fire marshal training London date. We will send  you our booking email, ask for some details and also ask you to agree our terms. Once we have heard from you, your place is booked!! It really is so easy! Book a fire training course with City Fire Training now!

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Live fire extinguisher training

live fire extinguisher trainingLive fire extinguisher training

How do we get live fire extinguisher training?

How do we get live fire extinguisher training? This is a regular question answered by our training team.

We provide live fire extinguisher training on open fire marshal training London courses and as in house fire marshal courses. Your staff can tackle real fires using our extinguishers and also our training rig.

Live fire extinguisher training – this what we need

If you want live fire extinguisher training we will need a safe place to carry out the training. Therefore we need; a space about five car parking spaces in size. It will also need to be on flat hard standing and on a space that is owned or controlled by your company. In addition, the space should not be near a main road or public highway. Lastly, it must be away from combustible sources and also air intakes.

If you are still unsure, either call or email us for more advice.

Live fire extinguisher training – more info

All staff attending our fire training sessions will receive an IFSM certificate. Many managers ask how long our certificates last. Since fire safety is risk assessed, this will depend on the level of risk in your building. For example high risk premises such as care homes will need more training than single storey buildings used as small offices!

Your staff will get the opportunity of tackling a range of small fires. They will use water, foam and also CO2 fire extinguishers. Your team will be closely monitored by our staff so that we can insure everyone stays safe.

How to book fire training

Whether you want an in house course or a space on an open course either email or phone us.

We will send a booking email and ask for information; where the training will be carried out, an invoice address, the names of attendees and also agree our terms and conditions. Once we have the info we need, your course is booked!




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New fire marshal training London dates

New fire marshal training in London datesfire marshal training in London

Fire marshal training in London

We have new fire marshal training in London dates which also include live fire training exercises.

Our new dates are: Nov 15th, Dec 13th and also 17th Jan. These courses are all morning courses from 10.00 to 13.00 hours.

So what will your staff learn? Our courses are approved and have therefore been passed as courses suitable for fire marshal and fire wardens. Staff will learn about why fire marshals are so important, a little bit of fire law and case histories. Next we look at the different types of fire and also all types of fire extinguishers. After our theory session we are off outside to tackle some small fires. We then take a short break for coffee, tea or water. Next we look at the role of fire marshals looking at non emergency and also emergency issues. Topics discussed include fire emergency plans, fire drills, hazard spotting, safety checks and maintenance, getting people out of buildings and also disabled fire plans.

More about our fire marshal training London services

Our fire marshal training London services include open courses and also in house fire training. If your team require live fire extinguisher training, you can also hire our venue to carry out training for your staff.

This course has been approved by the IFSM. It is also based on government guidance, British Standard notes and also fire service advice. We can help you develop fire plans and procedures that will keep your staff and visitors safe.

How to book fire marshal training London sessions

Booking courses with us is so easy! Either email us or call us with your preferred date. If we have space available and book the course provisionally for five days. We will ask for some details and also ask you to agree our terms. Once we have your details, your course is booked!!

Online fire marshal training courses

We also have online fire training courses for fire marshals. These can be bought as individual courses. Managers can also buy a secure on line fire training website for their workplace. The online fire training will be for your fire marshals and all other staff. Only your staff can see the content of this site. It can also include your fire emergency plans and evacuation plans.



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Do you have to have live fire extinguisher training?

live fire extinguisher trainingLive fire extinguisher training – Do you have to have this?

Live fire extinguisher training

Do staff have to have live fire extinguisher training? That was a question to our office yesterday.

All staff in a workplace need to know the contents of their fire emergency plan. This includes what to do if they discover a fire, action to take on hearing the alarm, the fire procedures and also fire fighting equipment in the workplace. However, there is no requirement for live fire extinguisher training. Notwithstanding this, many managers do want staff to tackle small fires so they can fight a real fire if one occurs.

Our fire marshal courses and also fire extinguisher courses can include live fire training sessions. We use an LPG fire training rig and our extinguishers at your site and also at our site in London. Using water, foam and CO2 extinguishers your staff can gain useful experience, so that they have the confidence to tackle fires in their workplace.

Each person on our course will also get a training certificate and online notes. Remember all of our courses are IFSM approved, so your staff can be sure of excellent fire training. As an approved centre we can also adapt the course to include your fire plans. Therefore your staff can have training tailored to their place of work.

How to book live fire extinguisher training

Booking one of courses is so easy! Either call or email us with your preferred fire training dates. Once we have agreed a date, we will send a booking email and also ask you to agree our terms. Once we have your details your course is booked. We will invoice you within one week and our trainer will contact you a day or so before the course date. This is so we can arrange an arrival time and discuss room layout and also any outside space requirements.


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