Live fire extinguisher training

live fire extinguisher trainingLive fire extinguisher training

How do we get live fire extinguisher training?

How do we get live fire extinguisher training? This is a regular question answered by our training team.

We provide live fire extinguisher training on open fire marshal training London courses and as in house fire marshal courses. Your staff can tackle real fires using our extinguishers and also our training rig.

Live fire extinguisher training – this what we need

If you want live fire extinguisher training we will need a safe place to carry out the training. Therefore we need; a space about five car parking spaces in size. It will also need to be on flat hard standing and on a space that is owned or controlled by your company. In addition, the space should not be near a main road or public highway. Lastly, it must be away from combustible sources and also air intakes.

If you are still unsure, either call or email us for more advice.

Live fire extinguisher training – more info

All staff attending our fire training sessions will receive an IFSM certificate. Many managers ask how long our certificates last. Since fire safety is risk assessed, this will depend on the level of risk in your building. For example high risk premises such as care homes will need more training than single storey buildings used as small offices!

Your staff will get the opportunity of tackling a range of small fires. They will use water, foam and also CO2 fire extinguishers. Your team will be closely monitored by our staff so that we can insure everyone stays safe.

How to book fire training

Whether you want an in house course or a space on an open course either email or phone us.

We will send a booking email and ask for information; where the training will be carried out, an invoice address, the names of attendees and also agree our terms and conditions. Once we have the info we need, your course is booked!