Fire risk assessment London services

fire risk assessment LondonFire risk assessment London services

Our fire risk assessment London services

We offer fire risk assessment London services for commercial and also residential buildings. As well as fire training company we also provide other fire safety services. This includes fire risk assessment London inspections and reports. Furthermore, we offer fire consultancy and fire emergency plans and procedures for those not knowing where to start!

Fire risk assessments are required for all places of work. In addition, those with five or more employees must record any significant findings in writing. While many managers know they need an FRA many do not know that they must also have a fire emergency plan.

Here a few pointers to fire risk assessment London services that we offer:

  • Inspection and reports for premises up to 4000 sq metres fall into our small building price structure.
  • Premises up to 10000sq metres fall into our medium size bracket
  • Buildings or complexes over 10000 sq metres are priced individually based on time required to complete.
  • We also offer fire emergency plans. These are tailored to your site and are often carried out in conjunction with an assessment.
  • Our team can also produce fire procedures and disabled evacuation plans.
  • Lastly, we offer fire safety consultancy. This can be to discuss a specific problem, fire service letter requiring improvements or a second opinion on a previous fire risk assessment.

FRA inspections

Our fire risk assessments are carried out in two parts. Firstly, we inspect the whole building looking in all rooms and also cupboards. The inspection does not look into wall voids, lofts or under floors. The second part of the inspection look at fire safety maintenance records. This includes fire alarm tests, emergency lights, extinguishers, electrical wiring and also PAT testing. Furthermore, we look at procedures for staff, disabled persons and also contractors.

Booking our fire risk assessment London services

Either call or email us with your enquiry. We will contact you with a quote and once you have agreed our terms, we will book in a date for your assessment or consultancy.


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